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The Safety Committee – Making Safety Matter

Posted On: May 10th, 2019

At Home Care Associates, safety is something we take very seriously. Creating a safe and healthy environment for our clients and employees is at the forefront of our mission and crucial to our commitment of building an outstanding workplace for our employees. The topic of safety is so important at HCA that a dedicated committee was formed to ensure that it consistently remains top of mind throughout all facets of the company.

The role of the Safety Committee is critical in accomplishing the following:

1) Foreseeing issues both in the office and client homes that have the potential to develop into safety concerns and difficulties.
2) Serving as a visible and approachable body to handle health and safety complaints, recommendations, etc.
3) Encouraging and promoting safety awareness within the workplace while motivating employees to consistently follow sound safety practices.

Safety Committee

Made up of HCA employees, the committee meets once a month providing a productive forum for discussing health and safety issues and solutions. In this effort, ongoing communication with employees is key with memos outlining safety tips and reminders distributed on a regular basis including a different safety-related topic each month. For example, this month the topic is safe and proper work clothing.

The topic of safety never grows stale at HCA. It is an important driver in all facets of our business whether it is caring for our clients or providing a safe and healthy work environment for our employees. Safety is an essential part of our best practices and thanks to the hard work of the Safety Committee, remains top of mind in all we do.

HCA – Proud to be a “Worker-Owned Home Care Cooperative”

Posted On: March 22nd, 2019

Home Care Associates has been nationally recognized as a leading worker-owned cooperative. We thought it might be helpful to provide a little insight into what exactly that means and how it plays a positive role within the home care worker community.

What does it mean to be “Worker-Owned”?

Just like it sounds, a worker-owned company has workers who own and control its business operations. In a worker-owned company, the worker owners share in the profits, actively make decisions and, like all company owners, are also subject to risks.

What is a Cooperative?

A worker cooperative is a business in which every worker owns one share in the company called a membership share. Therefore, workers are also called members. The option to purchase a share is only available to those who work within the company.

Like all investors, members share in the company profits and are impacted by losses. The most a member can lose is the amount of their original investment and any profits earned.

How do worker-owners control the company?

  • Worker-owners directly elect and serve on the company’s Board of Directors which has the power to make major company decisions on behalf of all owners.
  • Worker-owners have approval rights when it comes to setting worker wages and distributing company profits.
  • Worker-owners participate in deciding the annual goals of the company. They are also expected to actively participate in committees and company meetings.
  • The profits are shared by worker-owners who participate financially by working towards the company’s success, paying a membership fee and sharing in the earned profits or accepting losses.

What are the Benefits of a Worker-Owned Cooperative?

Worker-owners share in a strong sense of belonging and ownership by directly participating in organizational decision-making and developing annual company objectives. A worker-owned organization also creates direct accountability between senior leadership and its staff creating a productive and positive work environment.

At HCA, we strongly believe that quality employment means quality care. The dynamic synergy produced within a worker-owned cooperative supports this belief and fosters a workplace focused on success and outstanding service to both our workers and our clients. For more information on becoming a worker-owner at HCA, please visit our Careers Page.

HCA Honored as Best for the World 2018

Posted On: July 25th, 2018

Home Care Associates recently received Best for the World 2018 honors from the non-profit organization B Lab in the categories of Overall; Community; Customers and Workers. The Best for the World honor was presented to a total of 223 B Certified corporations representing 92 different industries and 30 countries. To qualify as Best in the World, a B Corporation must earn a score in the top 10 percent of more than 2,400 other Certified B Corporations evaluated through the B Impact Assessment process. A repeat honoree, Home Care Associates is proud to be designated once again as Best in the World for 2018.

The full B Impact Assessment reviews a company’s practices in the areas of environmental performance, employee relationships, diversity, community involvement and the impact of its products or services on those it serves. Honorees who fall into the top 10 percent are considered to set a gold standard for using business as a source of good.

For Home Care Associates, this award illustrates the company’s commitment to providing the best for both its clients and employees. The categories highlight the company’s mission and the distinction we deliver in the field of home health care. “We are proud to be recognized once again as a Best of the World honoree,” states Tatia Cooper, CEO of Home Care Associates. “We truly strive to make a positive impact in the lives of those we serve and it is our mission to conduct our business in way that brings benefit to both our industry and our community.”

Through the B Impact Assessment, Home Care Associates was found to have met essential criteria in the areas of Community, Customers and Workers, with a focus on how its performance in each of these areas fosters positive relations and a sense of community while providing services that promotes public interest.

B Lab is a nonprofit organization that serves a global movement of people using business as a force for good. Its vision is that one day all companies compete not only to be the best in the world, but also the Best for the World® and as a result society will enjoy a more shared and durable prosperity.

For more information on the Best of the World 2018 honorees, visit bthechange.com.

Nationally Recognized Philadelphia Worker-Owned Home Care Cooperative Appoints New Leader

Posted On: June 14th, 2018

Tatia Cooper is Elevated to Home Care Associates CEO as Karen Kulp Announces Her Retirement

Tomorrow Tatia Cooper begins a new professional chapter as CEO of Home Care Associates but she’s no stranger to the organization. She began working at the worker-owned cooperative, a nationally recognized welfare to workforce model, back in 1994 as a job coach. She’s had many positions since and couldn’t be more qualified to take on the top leadership role at the Center City based organization that employs more than 200 workers.

That’s according to outgoing CEO Karen Kulp who retires today after 16 years with Home Care Associates. She sees Cooper’s ascension to CEO as the natural progression for a top human services professional. According to Kulp, Cooper has been critical to the cooperative’s mission of providing quality care.

“Cooper is a leader who demonstrates Home Care Associates’ philosophy that quality home care is delivered by individuals who lead quality lives,” Kulp said. “Central to Home Care Associates’ business model is creating quality jobs. With better jobs, our workers better themselves and their families. There’s no one who understands that more than Tatia.”

Home Care Associates’ workers receive above-average pay and benefits such as company-paid health insurance, a pension plan, life insurance, paid time off, free SEPTA trans passes and the opportunity to purchase company stock and become worker owners. Worker owners are entitled to a share of the company’s profits and a vote at the shareholders’ meeting.

“I’ve had great mentors,” Cooper said. She’s ready to take the reins. “At Home Care Associates, we share a commitment, a loyalty and a passion for our clients in need of home care and for our workers who need employment.” She noted with pride that more than 60 percent of Home Care Associates’ employees formerly received public assistance. Client satisfaction is consistently higher than the national average.

Cooper personally developed tools and approaches that impact Home Care Associates’ workers’ success. Included are supportive approaches to housing, health, transportation and child care challenges.

Cooper earned a Masters of Human Services degree from Lincoln University and is a graduate of North Clayton High School in Atlanta. She is one of many family members with careers in health and human services. Cooper resides in Philadelphia.

Founded in 1993, Home Care Associates is certified as a socially-conscious B Corp. For its innovative approach to job training and health care services, Home Care Associates was recognized with the Pennsylvania Homecare Association’s Best Practices Award, the Governor’s Achievement Award, the American Society on Aging’s Best Practice Award, the Better Business Bureau’s Best Health Service Award and the Philadelphia County Assistance Office’s Employer Recognition Award. For more information, contact Lisa Simon, lsimon(at)sprytecom.com, 215.370.5956.


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