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Home Care Associates Provides Reliable In-Home Respite & Senior Care

Quality respite and senior care starts with matching our clients with a qualified aide who has completed our award winning training program. Contact us to to schedule a free senior care assessment or to learn more about how we can help you.

Highly trained senior care aide assisting a elderly Man.

Senior Care

Caring for an elderly loved one can be challenging but we will work with you to determine a senior care plan that addresses your specific needs. Whether you require assistance for just a few hours a week or on a daily basis, our senior care aides deliver dependable and compassionate care.

Our senior care aides provide a wide range of services including monitoring general health, administering medications and travel to medical appointments. We serve as a trusted level of support in making sure a senior loved one remains safe within the surroundings of their own home.

Respite care provider offering support to an elderly man.

Respite & Post-Surgery Care

Respite care provides primary care givers much needed support and time to address their own personal needs. Respite and senior care helps alleviate exhaustion and fatigue for those who regularly tend to the needs of a loved one allowing them to more effectively manage the care-giving process.

Respite care can also be a key component of the critical post-surgery recovery process. Post-surgery respite care includes rehabilitation, accommodating supervised mobility and aiding with daily tasks such as personal grooming and the administering of medications.

Compassionate Caregiver Providing Companion Care

Companion Care

Our Companion Care services deliver support while accommodating a loved one’s desire for independence. Whether it is providing social interaction, assisting with moderate exercise or facilitating planned social outings, our aides ensure that your loved one’s needs are being met in a safe environment.

Companion Care can lead to a more satisfying lifestyle by addressing daily routines and tasks while engaging with social activities. When you need a piece of mind that all your loved one’s needs are being met, Companion Care is the solution.

Senior care aide providing professionally trained assistance.

Nationally Recognized Training Program

Our aides receive comprehensive training and undergo drug screening along with a criminal background check. With the assistance of the Pew Charitable Trust, we have developed a training program focused on caring for physically disabled adults, behaviorally disabled adults and hospice patients.

HCA's innovative training programs have received the Governor’s Achievement Award, the American Society on Aging’s Best Practice Award, the Better Business Bureau’s Best Health Service Award and the Philadelphia County Assistance Office’s Employer Recognition Award.

Frequently Asked Questions

Toggle IconWhat is home care?

Home care encompasses a wide variety of services including hospice care, physical therapy, short-terms assistance after hospital stays, and assistance with bathing and dressing. Home care agencies often provide rehabilitation and therapeutic care for the elderly and people with disabilities. Home Care Associates works with trained and certified home care aides to provide these services and more to you or your loved ones.

Toggle IconHow do I choose a home care provider?

It is important that you know your options in order to select the best service and price for you and your family. Much of the necessary information can be found on our website and we are always happy to answer any questions you have about our agency and the benefits of working with an HCA aide.

Toggle IconWho should be involved in the process?

The person needing care, as well as their family and physician, should all be involved in the decision making and selection of a home care aide.

Toggle IconWhy should I choose Home Care Associates?

HCA provides caring, reliable support to you or your family member in the home. Our aides are trained and certified paraprofessionals. As a worker-owned cooperative, HCA’s home care aides have an important stake in their work and their futures and take great pride in providing excellent care for each client. All aides receive excellent benefits including health insurance, transportation, and higher-than-average wages.

Toggle IconWhat if I already have a home care aide?

If you or your loved one already has an aide, Home Care Associates will assist you in scheduling, paying, and providing benefits to that person. If this is something you would be interested in, please contact Aisha Parker, Attendant Care Scheduling Manager at: 267-238-3218 or aisha.parker@hcapa.com

Toggle IconI am the primary caregiver for a friend or family member. How can HCA help me?

HCA will provide you with training and certification so that you can provide the best possible care for your loved one. As an HCA employee, you will have the opportunity to receive a salary and important benefits while you remain the caregiver for your loved one.

Toggle IconHow will I pay for these home care services?

Please contact us at info@hcapa.com if you have any questions about the costs and options involved with home care services. HCA will help you explore ways that may help you pay for long term care services.

Toggle IconWhat is Respite and how can it help me?

Respite services provide primary care givers with non-medical assistance and support within the home environment. Respite can be provided on a regular or as-needed basis and can be custom tailored to meet your individual needs.

Toggle IconWhen is it time to consider Senior Care for a parent or loved one?

There are certain factors to think about when determining whether or not it is time to bring in professional senior care. It is critical to assess the overall safety of your parent’s current circumstances and make a judgment call on what is best for their health and general well being. Deciding to enlist additional support should not be viewed as a weakness but rather a commitment in making sure your loved one receives the proper care in which they deserve.

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